About us

CV Prototyp - promo movie 2015 from LURE PRODUCTIONS LTD. on Vimeo.


Mr. Vojtěch Černák Sr. started everything more than twenty five years ago - in the garage with limited equipment but unlimited portion of courage. He believed that a strong company may only be formed by a strong team. That the people have to be looked after in order to be satisfied at work. Therefore we create better working environment and improve our processes.

With every demanding customer requirement we exceed whatever we thought wass possible to produce. Every year many apparently unproducible products leave our gate. Experience with production of non-standard pieces and courage to accept demanding tasks makes us one of the most technologically advanced companies in the custom production. We co-create the steel heart of Ostrava and deepen the mastery of Czech engineering.

The purpose of our work is to create highly specialized components that breathe life into heavy industrial operations.