We specialize in prototype production, production of "offshore" structures and production of small parts of the pressure equipment up to 50 tons according to international manufacturing specifications, such as:

  • ČSN EN ISO 1090-1
  • ČSN EN ISO 15614-1 ÷ 15614-7
  • DNV-OS-C401
  • Lloyd´s Register Rules + Lifting appliances
  • AWS D1.1

From this series of product specifications we are qualified in welding processes WPQR with different ranges so that we are able to meet all production requirements.

Our welders and welding operators are qualified according to ČSN EN ISO 9606-1 + ČSN EN ISO 14732 along with senior welding personnel qualified according to ČSN EN ISO 14731 – EWE / EWT.

We provide repairs of worn machine parts by welding from materials based on C-Mn, Cu and a wide range of carbides. We also renovate difficult-to-weld materials with a higher carbon content and medium and high-alloy materials.

Used welding technology:

  • FCAW - 138
  • GMAW - 135
  • SMAW - 111
  • SAW – 121 // 125
  • GTAW – 141
We also have microtig technology for repairs of finished machined precision surfaces. We are able to remove scratches, bumps and other defects without the need for machining and re-machining.