The first corporate promo video


We have found our company values and have developed our corporate vision.

CV Prototyp - promo movie 2015 from  on Vimeo.

 We've been here for 25 years now

Two years ago there was a turning point, and for a moment we stopped, breathed out and realized that we had been here for 25 years. We have become a stable and prosperous company. We started out being just two people, today there are sixty of us and our first employees are still among us.

We have found company values

Why are the first employees still among us? Because the company is not composed only of money and property. It is formed mainly by people from all of us. All of us form a team that pulls together. We began to ask ourselves what is the common rope, what are the values of the company. We all felt some values, but no one could name them. And that's been brought to us by GrowJob Ltd., who helped us find the company's values and set a vision for the future.

We have put the company vision into motion

We've realized what is the strength of our company that has been hiding within us all. It was a very powerful experience for us, so we decided to put our business vision in motion and breathe life into it. We have involved everyone in the video, Welders, machinists, fitters, technicians, company owners and especially great actors Norbert Lichý and Kateřina Janečková.

We believe that in this vision each of us will find something that is close to us and that will bring us all together.

And how was the movie made?

CV Prototyp_Making of from on Vimeo.


GrowJob s.r.o. - creating a corporate vision,

Ales Nenicka- promotional film, making of,

Laniga Art - Creation of video animation and photographic work,

Martin Grobar - industrial photography,

Kateřina Janečková, Norbert Lichý - actors.

Thank you to the entire Prototype team.

Soňa Černáková